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“… extremely good first contact story, with well written characters, in a thrilling plot that kept the reader engaged in the book…” – Kindle Customer

“…we had ages-old aliens who were both all-knowing and foolish. We had mad grabs for power from a variety of sources that made for fabulous scenic climaxes. Seriously, those were the best parts. Each book had its own scene with massive amounts of drama and intrigue. More importantly, they had someone going batshit crazy, which is always the best part in any book.” – Brenda Ayala, Book Reviewer, Goodreads

“…I did enjoy many aspects of the story. A lot of the characters were a lot of fun. Sean was wonderfully loyal and steadfast to his crew and I REALLY enjoyed some of the crew’s quirks. I was especially fond of the constant running pools and the importance of food. Cookie was arguably the most important person on board. The mixing of Wicca and Science was in interesting plot device…” – Sadie Forsythe, Book Reviewer, Goodreads

Virtual Law 1: Reunions

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Justice, No Peace – released this year.

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Our most recent Audiobook – Enemy Me
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Enemy Me Book Trailer : Becky & Pete

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