GRID Traveler Book One


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A handful of scientists make the discovery of the millennium. Earth was visited by Aliens in our distant past and they left us “magick!”

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Sean followed her touch and remembered she was ‘Invoking the Pentagram of Fire.’ Loggar spread her hands outward, palms forward and said, “In her name do I invoke thee.  Mighty Father of us all, come in answer to my call! Descend, I pray thee, in thy servant and priest.” She stepped back.

The group rose.

Sean made the Invoking Pentagram of Fire towards Loggar with his athame.  He turned to face the chamber.  With sweating palms he grasped the athame with both hands and invoked the “Pentagram of Fire” at the statue.  He took a step into the chamber and yelled, “Let there be Light!”

Agegi witnessed the entire preceding and was appalled.  The elders would never have subjected him and the ancient ones to such barbaric rhetoric.  There was nothing he could do but let them do their silly little ritual.  Then it happened.  The one called ‘Sean’ stepped into the chamber.  The room came alive with heat and light.  He felt his skin softened as the temperature climbed higher and higher.  These creatures indeed meant to awaken him and that was good.

Sean stepped into the chamber.  The room seemed to pulsate with light and heat.

The group walked in and assembled themselves along the wall.

Loggar stood to his right.

Sean was thankful for not having any clothing.  The temperature began to climb.  One of the techs had told the group that the temperature would have to reach 136 degrees for about ten seconds if the Statue was to be activated.  Sean counted to twenty.

The statue moved, the heat vanished, and the room fell silent.

The sound of air rushing into long unused lungs resonated throughout the chamber. An eerie sound on someone who had drowned years ago and suddenly their lungs were able to expand and draw in something that had desperately been missed and needed.  The statue took a deep breath for the first time in a long time.

It let it out slowly and enjoyed the once again ability to breathe air.

Sean’s first impulse, as it was for the others, was to run.  But the fascination of watching the statue come to life mesmerized him.  It was because of him that the statue awakened.  Sean took a stepped forward and looked into the blank eyeless face of the statue.  Agegi looked down at Sean.  “Who has awakened me?” His voice echoed throughout the chamber.  In the far corner, someone pissed on himself.   Two people fainted, and one of the oldest members suffered heart failure.  She died silently.

Sean looked into the face and said, “1 am a remnant of an Elder.  I am Sean.  Who have I awakened?”

Agegi breathed again, inhaling air for a long time then exhaling it in an equally long time.  Damn it felt good to breath.  The process of inhaling and exhaling was worth being subjected to the silly rituals of these curious people.  He stepped off the platform and looked at Sean.

Loggar and the group took a collective step backward.  Sean stood fast, damned if he was gonna back down from something he brought to life.

Agegi looked at the group, then back at Sean.  “I am Agegi, an Ancient one.”

Loggar whispered.  “Oh shit.”