GRID Traveler Book Three


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In Book Three things become surreal.

Collins asked, “How are you feeling, Captain? Heat? Anything?”

Sean said, “Both hands are tingling, but other than that, fine.”

“Open your other hand, Sean.”

He did so. Half the SynSkin was gone and only one STIM tablet was left. Sean increased the flame.

Everyone watched as the rest of the SynSkin and tablet crumbled, then faded into his palm.

Loggar broke the silence, “Collectively, the nanobots are intelligent enough to know a proper food source. We’d have to conduct a few experiments, to know for certain, if the nanobots would use the nearest living organism as a resource, if nothing else existed.”

“Is there a way to turn them off? Like before?”

Loggar shrugged impatiently.

Collins and Sean caught the gesture’s true meaning.

“Kathy, I really can’t in all good consciousness feel comfortable knowing that I’m feeding off my crew. My Goddess, that’s pretty creepy.”

Loggar’s mood turned dark. “Sean, the nanobots should always use you first . . .”

“Or whatever I’m touching?”