Universe Bound Print Edition

Good storytelling is about connecting people with ideas, concepts, and what makes us a culture. It relates characters to the reader in a visceral way. It’s about communicating – our morals, our values, the good, bad, and the ugly. Joseph Campbell said that storytelling was about passing down our hopes and aspirations from one generation to the next. It is how we, as descendants, learn what our ancestors believed in. At its best, storytelling let’s us transcend our present awareness for something beyond the five senses. We imagine, therefore we exist.

The Universe Bound series is a collection of stories from Mythical Legends’ authors during a certain year and or revolves around a particular theme. In this first edition, the theme is that of perseverance . . . and hope . . . and triumph.

Universe Bound Volume 1
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Universe Bound Volume 2
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Volume 1 Issue 1 Print Edition
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Volume 1 Issue 2 Print Edition
Beneath CatsEye by Patricia  I Williams
Four Corners by Kenneth A Strickland
Blessed Lands Egypt by J Carrell Jones
GEMP by J Carrell Jones
Beneath Red Tail Wings by Patricia I Williams
Of Reunions by Kenneth A. Strickland
Double-Cross My Heart by Brandon Hill
Enemy Me, Rage, and GRID Traveler Trilogy by J Carrell Jones